"Strategic alliances are essential to growth and provide resilience."

Richard Branson

Strategic partnerships – a growth leverage

When is it worth creating strategic partnerships?

  • Your company lacks competences or resources for further growth.
  • Success requires fast scaling-up to dominate market or reach enough scale.
  • Your sales channels or brand does not support new products.
  • There are no acquisition targets available or they are too risky.

Why is it worth reaching for external support?

  • First of all, we are familiar with various industries that speeds up finding potential partners.
  • Moreover, our C-level network across the market helps approaching prospect partners.
  • Finally, our executive experience assures building a complete partnership model.

How to build successful strategic partnerships?

  • Create a partnership business model that is attractive also for a partner.
  • Engage top leaders of prospect partners companies in the alliance building process.
  • Finally, secure implementation and performance measurement.

Business benefits

Strategic partnerships are opportunities to complement business competences and accelerate growth, without resources required for acquisitions or organic growth. As a result, it is an opportunity to become one of top players in your industry. 

Assess your potential first.

Then define support scope.

Modeling a partnership

Market mapping and segmentation.
Shaping partnership business model.

Finding partners

Identifying and selecting partners.
Pitching potential partners.

Securing implementation

Market tests. Closing an agreement.
Implementing the partnership.

How do we support creating strategic partnerships ? Our methodology and key results.