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Paweł Markowski Shaping Scale


Creating and scaling-up business is my passion.

I like long-term perspective and setting bold goals, while seeking a pragmatic execution plan focused on a few drivers. My work offers:

  • Broad perspective – C-level and consulting experience in several industries,
  • Challenge – identyfying and challenging hidden assumptions, blindspots and wishful thinking,
  • Focus – concentrating on the most important issues,
  • Pragmatism – delivering operational action plans and performance indicators.

My 20-year professional experience is a combination of execution skills developed in large, public companies and creativity boosted by best practices of several industries I have worked for. I have gained it as:

  • member of the Supervisory Board at Unibep SA and Polwax SA,
  • new product development and ventures leader, Member of the Board at Benefit Systems SA,
  • Product Development and Supply Director, Member of the Board at Zelmer Group (B/S/H),
  • the leader of business transformation projects, Managing Director at BPI Polska,
  • a lecturer on strategy and business scaling at Executive MBA programme.

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MARCIN LEDWOROWSKI  – leave for the work in the Bank

Creating new business and digital services is my passion.

As a practitioner I am able to design complex services, delivering comprehensive know-how on technology, marketing and operational context. My work principles:

  • Bringing the understanding IT and marketing to business in digital transformation process.
  • Business perspective on banking, financial services industry and e-commerce.
  • The customer’s needs analysis and point of view (customer experience).
  • Experience in operational business processes management.
  • Assistance in restructuring processes and building synergies in capital groups.

My 25-year professional experience is built on best practices in various industries. I have gained it as:

  • member of the Board of Bank Pocztowy SA,
  • Operations Director at Biuro Informacji Kredytowej SA,
  • Vice-president of the Board at BIG InfoMonitor SA,
  • a member of the Supervisory Board at Izba Gospodarki Elektronicznej e-commerce Polska,
  • a leader of IT and finance projects at Bank Pocztowy and Poczta Polska,
  • a leader and mentor of start-ups,
  • a lecturer on financial risk management in companies at MBA programme.

In private: a father of daughters, sailor and amateur guitar player.

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