Focus means saying no to the hundred other good ideas.

Steve Jobs

Are you looking for scaling-up your business?

  • do shareholders expect faster growth?
  • do new segments or distribution channels arise?
  • are your assets not being fully monetized?
  • has price-war dominated your market?

Our experience shows that successful scaling-up requires:

  • identifying an economic engine of your company,
  • focusing the company on just a few business growth drivers,
  • successful engagement of your key staff,
  • regular strategy reviews and updates.

At our work we are using elements of the Scaling-Up methodology, adapted to European culture and clients needs. The key deliverable, Scaling-Up Plan, consists of:

  • productivity and reputation (brand) drivers,
  • vision translated into long-term objectives and initiatives,
  • annual goals and projects translated into quarterly operational plans,
  • personal accountability for each goal and project,
  • tools for quarterly strategy review and update ,
  • communication and engagement tools.

Support scope:

Scaling-up plan

preparing new or updating existing strategy, operational planing, strategy reviews

Strategic PMO

defining and kicking-off strategic projects, project portfolio management

Scaling-up via M&A

market screening, acquisition support, preparing and implementing post-merger integration,

Strategic partnerships

scouting for partners to scale-up business, designing co-operation model, implementation