A good plan executed today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow.

gen. G.S.Patton

When should you make a plan to respond to market disruption?

  • your clients, suppliers or sales channels are heavily disrupted,
  • changes in the clients’ behaviour are expected in the medium or long term,
  • your company has inflexible cost structure or low cash reserves.

A successful response to market disruptions requires:

  • ensuring safety and business continuity in core functions,
  • preparing restructuring plans for 2-3 scenarios of market disruptions impact,
  • active searching and scaling up new revenue streams and sales channels.

At work, we use the experience gained during 2008 financial crisis and earlier projects for post state-owned companies entering free-market. The final plan consists of:

  • sales, operations and supply chain continuity plan,
  • changes to customer segmentation and sales activity,
  • new revenue streams and sales channels, along with scaling-up plan,
  • work organization changes, including scaling-up automation and remote work ,
  • supply chain adaptation plan for securing product availability,
  • assets, liabilities and cash flow restructuring plan,
  • long-term strategy update – strategic objectives and priorities update.

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Scope of support

Securing business continuity

securing safety, core business functions continuity and cash-flow

Adjusting scale

preparing several restructuring scenarios and business scale adjustments

Adapting business model

introducing changes to the business model addressing long-term market changes