"Green Deal is Europe's Man on the Moon Moment."

Ursula von der Layen

Green strategy – winning the green wave

When is it worth considering a green strategy for you company?

  • New eco-oriented market segments or client needs are emerging.
  • Owners insist on climate orientation without giving up profits.
  • New funds for green initiatives become available in your industry.

A profitable green business strategy requires:

  • focusing on green growth opportunities, not only minimising negative impact on the climate,
  • a consistent green business model – value proposition, go-to-market and operations,
  • integrating green transformation with a brand promise and wider growth strategy.

At work we are using a methodology framework by prof. R.Orsato, that is focused on green transformation securing further growth and profitability. Results of our work include:

  • changes to all elements of your business model,
  • list of green growth opportunities – new offer, segments and go-to-market,
  • integrating green transformation plan with your growth plan,
  • key projects description – leaders, milestones and implementation plan,
  • list of potential funding sources and strategic partners,
  • tools for quarterly strategy review and update,
  • communication and engagement tools.

Assess your potential first.

Then define support scope.

Defining green strategy

Market analysis, selecting right green opportunities and upgrading business model.

Green business development

Designing new offer, market tests, go-to-market plan and scaling-up sales.

Green transformation

Pivoting your business model, acquiring funds and scouting for strategic partners.