Turning ideas into profitable business models is hard. Period!


When does your business model need change?

  • Your value proposition or differentiators are not clear to your customers.
  • Despite a good product-market fit, you hardly acquire new customers.
  • Your sales team meets the targets, but operations hardly keep up with.
  • You still haven’t reached the break-even point or desired profitability level.

How does a successful model pivot look like?

  • Firstly, it needs introducing at least one major change in your model.
  • Next, you need to test your new model in real market conditions.
  • Finally, it must be linked with key organisational processes.

Scalable business model is the most important step toward scaling-up business. At work we are using BMCLean Canvas Model and Blue Ocean Strategy tools. Results of our work include:

  • defining clients’ key problems addressed by the product or service,
  • unique value proposition, including benefits and differentiators,
  • go-to-market plan (target groups, key segments, price model),
  • distribution channels plus client retention and growing tools,
  • key activities, resources and partners to execute offer,
  • business financing model and path to break-even.

Support scope:

Business model

Designing or upgrading an existing model. Adapting to market changes or disruptions.

Market tests

Designing and executing market tests before implementing model changes.

Implementing changes

Rolling out changes in the whole organization. Securing funds and team engagement.