Turning ideas into profitable business models is hard. Period!


When does your business model needs change?

  • your value proposition or differentiators are not clear to your customers,
  • you have a good product-market fit, but you hardly acquire new customers,
  • your sales team meets the targets, but operations or development team faces regular problems,
  • you still haven’t reached the break-even point or desired profitability level.

A successful change in your business model require:

  • the ability to introduce at least one major change in your model,
  • testing your new business model in real market conditions,
  • rolling out the changes to the business model in the whole organization.

At work we are using Lean Canvas and Blue Ocean Strategy methodologies.
Results of our work include:

  • verified customer problem, to-be addressed by your product or service,
  • value proposition, including benefits and differentiators of your offer,
  • go-to-market plan, including customer segmentation and pricing model,
  • key activities, resources and external partners required,
  • the financial model and path to the break-even point.

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Support scope:


designing or transforming business models, adapting to market changes,


preparing minimum Viable Product and testing new business ideas in the market,


executing new business models or pivots, managing change, securing funds